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Luxury sustainable pet wear.

At Skylos Collective we champion sustainable lifestyles. Our range of leads, collars and more, bring positive and stylish impacts into the lives of our canine friends. Our production is all in the UK and we work with apple leather! Also, 2% of our profit is donated to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa and are championing circular, transparent business. ​

And, if you’re wondering where our name comes from – Skylos is Greek for dog or hound, and we love that collective embodies togetherness, inclusivity, and unity.

Our conscious canine collection features modern styles, sleek designs and everything is made here in the UK. We centred the collection on interesting colour, luxury quality craftsmanship and effortless style. 


Transparency and ethical business are at the core of what we do, there is a  QR code on each product showcasing its value chain, proudly showing you were our donations are going to and also outlining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals our work contributes to.

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